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Derek, Shadow and Poppy

Kirkbridgend Border Collies are proudly owned and much loved by Lindsey and Derek Bridges. Our dogs all live in the house with us and are very much part of the family even going to the pub and the occasional restaurant where they are allowed! Lindsey has been around dogs all her life, her parents bred Cavalier King Charles around the time she was born. When she was a little older they rescued a border collie x called Benbow. He was a large part of Lindsey's life as she grew up and eventually went to the Rainbow Bridge when she was 16. Agility was starting to appear as have a go and fun agility at the odd fete and horse show and Lindsey had a little success with Benbow winning a class at a school fete. She practised at home with garden canes on milk crates!

Lindsey then had a number of years without a dog until she was given Shadow as a puppy while she was working as a horse racing lass. Her job meant that she had no time to find out about doing things like agility with Shadow. When she met Derek he had not had a dog before. Shadow took to Derek straight away and Derek quickly fell in love with him. They are best of friends to this day. When Derek and Lindsey got engaged they decided to cement the commitment by getting Shadow some company. Lindsey had had her heart set on a pure Border Collie for some time and Derek was happy to follow her advice. After much research and looking at advertised litters Lindsey saw Jill Mercer's advert and after a long chat on the phone and a visit at 3 weeks, Poppy came home when she was 8 weeks old.

Lindsey now also offers a dog walking and pet care service to local clients alongside making and selling bags of gluten free liver cake for use as treats. Please contact her for more information by email or via our Facebook Page.

You can keep up with the latest news, competition results and photos on our Facebook Group which is updated more regularly than this site.

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