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Kirkbridgend Athena AW(B)

Sh Ch Littlethorn Triton (Jojo) X Kirkbridgend Rock Star AW(G) (Elektra)

Thea Lie Down 2017
About Thea
Breed Show Results
Agility Results
Pictures of Thea
Thea's pedigree

For the latest competition results and photos please check our results blog or our Facebook Group which are updated more regularly than this site.

Athena or Thea is from Ellie's first litter in 2016. All the litter were named after greek gods, linking to their sire Triton. Athena is the greek goddess of wisdom and war. Thea is a very sweet loving pretty little lady. She loves to meet and greet everyone and show them her tummy! She also enjoys cuddles, lounging around on the sofa, working for treats, playing tuggy and playing with her brother. She loves her walks, particulary any large deep puddles and really enjoys splashing around in the lakes at Frensham.

Kirkbridgend Athena
Registrations: Kennel Club Breed Register
Date of Birth: 10th June 2016
Colour: Blue and White
Colour genes (Tested): Dilute dd - has a dilute coat (blue), will produce offspring that are either dilute carriers or dilute depending on sire.
Does not carry chocolate red BB, golden red EE or tri at/at + KK so will not produce them.
Eye Tested: Clear
Gonioscopy: Normal/ Unaffected, good drainage angles
TNS DNA status: Tested clear
CL DNA status: Tested clear
CEA DNA status: Tested clear
MDR1 DNA status: Tested clear
IGS DNA status: Tested clear
Pre-Disposition to Glaucoma DNA status: Tested clear
PLL DNA status: Tested clear
DM DNA status: Tested clear
Myotonia Congenita: Tested clear
Hip Score: 4/6 = 10
Elbow Score: 0/0
BAER Hearing: Normal n/n
KC Agility Measurement Intermediate
UK Agilty Measurement 469mm

Holder of Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Award
Crufts qualified 2018, 2019 and 2020
Junior BC Of The Year qualified 2018
Kennel Club Agility Warrant Bronze AW(B)

Thea is from Ellie's first litter in 2016. She is very pretty and classically marked. She has been trainined for the show ring since she was young as well as doing a little basic obedience, shaping and some foundation agility. She has also had a puppy sheep assessment and was definitely interested in the sheep enough to work and was able to balance them in each direction and move them towards me.
Thea spent most of her puppyhood concentrating on breed showing although she also worked towards and gained her KC good citizen bronze award and did a little foundation agility. She now concentrates more on agility which she is loving and showing plenty of drive. Thea's first show was on her 6 month birthday at LKA where she behaved well, although unplaced at the biggest show of the year bar Crufts in a big class. Since then Thea has had some good placings at shows including a Best Puppy under a breed specialist. She has also qualified for Crufts 2018 and Junior Of The Year 2018. Thea had a very good year showing in 2018 with many top 3 placings and qualified for Crufts 2019 multiple times in large classes and good company. I did not show much in 2019 as I focused on agility but Thea still qualified for Crufts 2020 at her second attempt over Easter at Working Pastoral Breeds Of Wales under breed specialist Ross Green where she was 3rd in a large, quality Post Graduate bitch class.

Thea started competing in agility summer 2018 and won two G3 jumping classes at her first KC show. She also qualified for the UKA SWAG Beginners Steeplechase Final at the UKA Grand Finals from her first Beginners Steeplechase and won multiple Beginners jumping classes in 2018. Thea had a fantastic year learning her trade in 2019 and with 3 shows still to go has a KC standard class tally of 17 wins and 15 2nds with many other top placings as well. Thea gained her Agility Warrant Bronze AW(B) at Southdowns show and almost has enough points for her silver warrant. She is becoming a really lovely dog to compete, pretty fast but also responsive.

Thea's critique from breed specialist Lorna Hastings Menaker at Southern Counties Champ show June 2018 where she was 2nd in Graduate Bitch:
2 Bridges & Cooper's Kirkbridgend Athena. Blue and White bitch of good size and substance. Very keen and alert and athletic in stature. Balanced front and rear angulation. Moderate oval bone. Nice strong back. Well conditioned, hard muscle condition. Moved very well around the ring with free and tireless action.

Comments from judge Bob Rushdon on the Graduate Bitch class where Thea was 3rd at Three Counties Champ show 2018:
There were four particularly nice bitches in this class all of good type and all very well constructed, and only separated on finer points

Thea's critique from breed specialist Jackie Bromwich at WELKS Champ show May 2018 where she was 2nd in Yearling Bitch:
2 Bridges & Cooper's Kirkbridgend Athena, blue and white, slightly long in body but lovely neck and shoulder which gave her excellent front reach on the move, lovely head and expression, used ears well.

Thea's critque from breed specialist Audrey Kempton at Southern Border Collie Club Open show where she won Minor Puppy and was 3rd in Puppy:
1st Bridges & Cooper Kirkbridgend Athena, 7mths old very pretty blue/white baby, nice head with sweet expression, lovely shape, moved well.

Thea's critique from all rounder Russell F Jones at Chichester DCS open where she was 2nd in post graduate:
2 Bridges & Cooper Kirkbridgend Athena, (B) A 7mth old girl that was giving so much away to the 1st placing. She has a good head, skull, dark eye, muzzle and bite. I liked her good length of neck and good angles to front, good back with god angles to rear and neat hocks. Moved nicely. I would like to see her in the future, she has time.

Thea at 17 months

Thea starting her agilty career early 2018

Breed Show Results
(Please note I have stopped updating these due to too many successes!!)

7 April 2018
West Of England Border Collie Club Open
2nd Novice Bitch
3rd Special Any Other Colour Bitch
VHC (5th) Yearling Bitch

24 September 2017
Wessex Border Collie Club Open
3rd Novice Bitch
Reserve (4th) Special Any Other Colour

13 August 2017
Bournemouth Champ
2nd Junior Bitch (This qualifies Thea for Crufts 2018 and Junior Of The Year 2018!!!)
3rd Yearling Bitch
1st Novice Bitch

7 August 2017
Paignton Champ
Reserve (4th) Yearling Bitch

29 May 2017
Wessex Border Collie Club Open
Reserve (4th) Puppy Bitch
3rd Novice Bitch

9 April 2017
Southern Border Collie Club Open
VHC (5th) Puppy Bitch

8 April 2017
West Of England Border Collie Club Open
VHC (5th) Puppy Bitch
3rd Any Other Colour Bitch

26 March 2017
Guildford DCS Open
2nd Puppy

5 March 2017
Folkestone & Hythe DCS Open
2nd Junior
Best Puppy In Breed

19 February 2017
Horley DCS Open
3rd Post Graduate
3rd AV Pastoral Junior
2nd AV Minor Puppy Bitch

15 February 2017
Southampton DCS Open
Reserve (4th) Junior

12 February 2017
Portsmouth & Southsea KA open
2nd Junior

29 January 2017
Chichester DCS Open
2nd Post Graduate
2nd AV Puppy

22 January 2017
Southern Border Collie Club Open Show
1st Minor Puppy Bitch
3rd Puppy Bitch

5 January 2017
Boston Champ Show
Reserve (4th) Minor Puppy Bitch

27 December 2016
Wealdstone & Northolt CS Open
2nd Junior


Agility Results:
(Please note I have stopped updating these due to too many successes!!)

13 January 2018
Paws At Play
2nd C1-3 Steeplechase 1
2nd C1-3 steeplechase 2

7 January 2018
Kelluki Winter Series 2
2nd C1-3 steeplechase

30 December 2017
Pachesham 123 show
1st C1-3 steeplechase 2
4th C1-3 steeplechase 1


A day old

About 6 weeks old

About 8 weeks old

About 4 months old

Thea at 7 months old

Thea at 17 months old

Starting her agility career early 2018

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