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Kirkbridgend Aeolus

Sh Ch Littlethorn Triton (Jojo) X Kirkbridgend Rock Star (Elektra)

About Breeze
Breed Show Results
Pictures of Breeze
Breeze's pedigree

For the latest competition results and photos please check our Facebook Group which are updated more regularly than this site.

Breeze is from Ellie's first litter in 2016. All the litter were named after greek gods, linking to their sire Triton. Aeolus is the Greek God that is king/ keeper of the winds. Breeze is a really happy, healthy chap that loves working. He loves going out and about with Charles including joining him on voyages on his canoe and his boat. He loves meeting and greeting, going for walks and paddling in the water. He also enjoys playing with his friends. At home he enjoys practicing his tricks for treats and cuddling up on the sofa.

Breeze is now available at stud to approved health tested KC/ ISDS reg BC bitches of good temperament. Please contact me with stud enquiries by email or via our Facebook Group

Kirkbridgend Aeolus (Breeze)
Registrations: Kennel Club Breed Register
Date of Birth: 10th June 2016
Colour: Blue and White
Colour genes (Tested): dd - Is Dilute - may produce offspring that are dilute (blue/ lilac) depending on dam.
at/at + K/K - Does not carry tri/ tan point - will not produce offspring that are tri/ tan point.
Bb - Carries chocolate red - may produce offspring that are chocolate red depending on the dam.
EE - Does not carry golden red so cannot produce them.
Eye Tested: Clear
Gonioscopy: Normal/ Unaffected, good drainage angles
TNS DNA status: Tested clear
CL DNA status: Tested clear
CEA DNA status: Tested clear
MDR1 DNA status: Tested clear
IGS DNA status: Tested clear
PLL DNA status: Tested clear
DM DNA status: Tested clear
Myotonia Hereditaria: Tested clear
Hip Score: 4/6 = 10
Elbow Score: 0/0
BAER Hearing: Normal n/n

Performance achievements:
Agility- UKA Novice in Performance, Senior in Steeplechase
Full set of 1st place achievements listed in Anadune Border Collie database
Dog Detection Trials -
Win and reserve in Novice Trial and 3rd place in Dog Detection 2019 Inaugural Championships at Novice level.
Now competing at Intermediate level.
Additional achievements:
Gold Good Citizen Award
Paws and Music Progress Awards Level 1- Distinction In Dressage and Heelwork to Music
Move Development Scheme - Garnet Award
Show Ring Achievements:
2nd Minor Puppy Dog - Crufts 2017
For a complete listing of show successes see Anadune Border Collie database.

In his owner Charles's words:

At home Breeze is very chilled out. Certainly his regular exercise programme together with the mental stimulation of additional enrichment activities assists considerably in his calm manor round the house. He is nomadic in his sleeping habits. He does, officially, have a bed. It is rare indeed to see him use it. He rarely sleeps in anyone place for any length of time. He has a good covering of fur and for sure that is all he needs. His preferences are marble or tile or, if not available, floorboards. Carpet is usually avoided as are beds of any description. Preferred sleep posture ranges from totally upside down in a corpse like pose with all four feet stuck up in the air, to lying on side or sometimes on his tummy with his head resting on something, preferably hard! He does not do curled up! He admirably demonstrates that classic BC trait of following you around, toilet included!

Breeze responded well to all sorts of enrichment activities right from just a few weeks old. He soon learnt what the clicker sound meant. I have exposed him to a wide range of activities and experiences and through use of the clicker and a positive reward strategy he has learnt innumerable skills. He takes his time to develop his understanding and initially he originally had me concerned as he was so steady performing the various skills. Experience has taught me that this is the way he learns best. He is not a crazy BC with a ‘headless chicken’ flat out approach. Patience is the watchword, once he knows exactly what you want he is committed and can be trusted, in the main, to execute those skills to a high standard and consistency and, where required, at speed.

He has considerable drive and, as a result of the fitness programme he continues to undergo, when speed is required he performs. He not only watches me carefully but he can be trusted to listen and he knows a wide range of verbal commands which he can execute at a distance from me. He participates in agility with a ton of enthusiasm. He measures and competes at Intermediate for KC and Standard for UKA. I have deliberately not wanted to strike out for grade progression, this together with my desire to give him time to learn a wide range of skills related to jumping, weaving and contacts. He is still learning new skills and perfecting others. So, for example, he can take the backside of a jump without my need to micromanage him. He can do it on just a verbal and I can be moving off. I believe this time spent working with him has really paid off. In order to test his skills I have focused primarily on UKA events where I spend a considerable amount of time practicing in the ring. He can complete a course with me either in front or deliberately running behind him using offside commands all the way.

Results wise. He has numerous wins in UKA events. I have restricted his competitive runs to jumping, steeplechase and games. I have only allowed him one competitive agility run in which he achieved first place giving us enough points to move to Novice. In the steeplechase category he is close to reaching Champ status. I focused on moving up faster in this category as it gives us both practise at higher level, more complex courses. To date we have only competed in a couple of KC events. Without the opportunity to train in the ring I have been reticent at competing without the chance to reward or redo. Nevertheless he has already won a Grade 3 jumping event from a good sized field.

However it is not all about speed, I soon discovered that alongside his love of agility he really does have an excellent nose for scent work. He very quickly showed me he is a careful and thorough searcher for a scent. I initially chose cloves for him to identify but since then he progressed to gun oil and more recently he is working on a, less easy to identify but potentially lucrative, scent of paper currency, results are promising! That said whilst we mainly compete under ‘operational’ conditions he is not a professional scent dog. I wanted to hone his skills in scent work and move on to a more difficult scent because though you can compete at an Intermediate level with cloves as your scent it is considered to be ‘rather easy’ and in those events there will be many other dogs searching for more ‘difficult‘ scents. In addition if you wish to progress to Advanced level then cloves are not allowed.

Scent work results wise. Breeze has worked on the Scentwork UK levels but I found this style of competition a bit restrictive. We soon moved on to the more operational style of competition run by Detection Dog Trials. He has achieved notable results with a win and a reserve placing which gave us entry to the first ever Championship trial held December 2019. At that event he came third. With a maximum score of 100 he was just one point behind the winner and with two dogs tied on the same points it went down to time. He was just a few seconds slower hence our third place. However as a young dog competing against more experienced dogs he shows a lot of promise. He has now moved on to Intermediate but due to lockdown we have only been able to compete at one event. Intermediate search areas are huge, perhaps half a football field in size and full of areas to search. There can be up to three scent locations but you don’t know the number and you must clear the whole area to stand any chance of wining. In the one event we took part in Breeze did a wonderful job and wasn’t phased by the sheer size of the area. He searches in a calm and purposeful way. He indicates the location of the scent beautifully and independently.

Aside of these two competitive activities we have enjoyed some excellent heelwork to music routines, he loves his tricks, he knows lots of obedience test activities. He passed his Gold Good Citizen Award just a couple of months after his first birthday.

His all time favourite play activity is a very simple game he first learnt as a puppy just a few weeks old. It just needs two or three lightweight squeaky balls. He likes to lie down with all the balls between his feet. In turn he has one in his mouth, he lightly squeezes the ball whilst holding another with his paw. Our role is not to try to take any ball off him but simply to be there, up close, squeezing the ball he holds in his mouth. Not once has he accidentally bitten us. It is all part of the game.

Breeze's critique from his 2nd in Minor Puppy Crufts 2017, judge breed specialist Kathie Kinton:
2 Robert's Kirkbridgend Aeolus lovely blue & white young pup. He needs to settle in the ring with his handler, I am sure he will. This dog has many qualities, bone a bit fine now, but acceptable given age. Good front, balanced head with correct shape eye and colour for a Blue & White. On the move, I could see potential correct forward reach and great side gait and kept topline. Once the handler and pup learn to work together he will do well. Lovely temperament.

Breeze's critique from his 2nd in Junior at West Of England Border Collie Club Open 2017, judge breed specialist Hilary Kerr:
2 Robert's Kirkbridgend Aeolus. 9 months. Blue and wh
ite, good leg length and good length of tail- which he unfortunately carried over his back, spoiling the outline, movement somewhat erratic, it's all in the right place but he needs to time to mature. Would prefer a more masculine head.

Breeze's critique from his 3rd in Junior at Chichester DCS open, judge all rounder Russell F Jones:
3 Robert Kirkbridgend Aeolus, (D) Litter brother to 1st and in many ways so similar. Just needs to get him more under control and to tighten his movement.

Breeze at 17 months

Breed Show Results

8 April 2017
West Of England Border Collie Club Open
3rd Puppy Dog
2nd Junior Dog

12 March 2017
Crufts Champ
2nd Minor Puppy Dog(This qualifies Breeze for Crufts 2018 and Puppy Of The Year 2017!!!)

15 February 2017
Southampton DCS Open
3rd Junior BC

11 February 2017
Salisbury South Wilts Open
1st AV Pastoral Minor Puppy
2nd AV Pastoral Puppy

29 January 2017
Chichester DCS Open
3rd Junior BC
3rd AV Minor Puppy
Reserve (4th) AV Puppy

22 January 2017
Southern Border Collie Club Open Show
2nd Minor Puppy Dog
3rd Puppy Dog

5 January 2017
Boston Champ Show
3rd Minor Puppy Dog(This qualifies Breeze for Crufts 2017!!!)


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