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News 2012 and 2013


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Please see Poppy's page for her full agility results and full breed show results

December 2013
15 December 2013 - Not a bad day today at Pachesham with Poppy coming 2nd in her agility, 3rd in her steeplechase and 4th in her jumping. I am also really excited to be able to say that we are now at the top of the Standard/Large G1-2 Winter Series table after round 2 with 2 rounds to go!

7 December 2013 - A great day today at Nedlo KC Agility Show in Romsey. Poppy was 2nd in Grade 1 Agility!! She was also clear in the Combined 1-3 Jumping. I was so excited about the 2nd I forgot the course in the Grade 1 Jumping and got us eliminated which was a shame as she was going well! Really pleased about the 2nd as it is lots of AgW points and also qualifies her for all the special working classes at breed shows.

November 2013
30 November 2013 - A good first agility competition back today at Pachesham, Poppy got 4th in the Grades 1&2 jumping, 2nd in Grades 1&2 Agility 1 and 1st in Grades 1&2 Agility 2!! Really pleased with my girl who was definitely pleased to be competing again! Today's results have put us in 2nd place in the Standard/Large G1-2 Winter Series table after round 1 with 3 rounds to go! Ellie came with us and had a great time making lots of new friends, human and canine and enjoyed her walks in the woods.

4 November 2013 - Ellie had her initial sheep assessment today with Robert Putnam of Whiffletree Sheepdogs. Robert was really pleased with her and said she was good for a 15 week old puppy, showed the right sort of interest and would be worth training. He wants to see her again in about a month.

October 2013
30 October 2013 - Ellie won the baby puppy class at her first ringcraft match night at only 14 weeks old against older more experienced puppies! We are really proud of her and very excited about her future. We hope this will be the first of many wins for her.

September 2013
16 September 2013 - All the puppies have now left for their new homes leaving our puppy to play very happily with her mother. Her offical name is Kirkbrigend Rock Star but we have still to decide on her pet name. We will do so in the next couple of weeks and then I will set her up with her own webpage and photo album. She had her first jab today and is booked in for her second on 30th September so it will not be long until she is out and about. Lots of training to be done here in the mean time! Here are a few videos of her playing with her mum last night and today.

August 2013
29 August 2013 - We are pleased to announce that all our puppies have today passed their BAER hearing tests and their BVA litter eye screening

July 2013
21 July 2013 - Breaking News!! Poppy whelped 6 healthy puppies
4 bitches and 2 dogs. They are all black and white and all classically marked. Mother and babies are doing well. Please see the Planned Litters page for more information on the puppies and their first individual photos!
Poppy and her newborn puppies

5 July 2013 - Poppy is even more proud of her belly full of pups today as their sire Rocky (Littlethorn Scirocco) won the dog CC today at East Of England Agricultural Society Group Champ Show today! Our congratulations go to him and his owners Bob and Alison Tunnicliff!!!

3 July 2013 - Poppy had her final scan today at 6 weeks into her pregancy. I am thrilled to announce that all the puppies that were healthy at her last scan are still healthy! We look forward to welcoming them into the world in around 3 weeks time!! The first picture shows a scan of one of her puppies where you can see its skull. The second photo shows 2 of her puppies lying side by side and you can see their spines.

June 2013
19 June 2013 - Poppy had her second scan today this time with the brilliant professional scanner Sam Wilkinson. The scan showed that she is definitely carrying multiple healthy puppies although she is sadly reabsorbing one. She is having a precautionary course of antibiotics and will be scanned again in another 2 weeks to confirm the puppies are all still healthy. We are not expecting any problems. Sam also confirmed that the puppies were conceived 28 days ago today so are a day younger than we thought. This makes the due date 24 July 2013. The scan below shows 3 of her healthy puppies!

11 June 2013 - Poppy had her first scan done by her vet today at 21 days post mating. He has confirmed that she is in whelp and he believes to multiple puppies although as she kept fidgeting and they are very small he couldn't confirm any rough numbers! Below is a picture he managed to grab of one of her puppies before she fidgeted again!

May 2013
21 May 2013 - Poppy had a second successful mating with a tie today with Rocky (Littlethorn Scirocco) so we are hopeful that she will be in whelp. She will be scanned in 3 - 4 weeks, until then we will be keeping everything crossed! We took some lovely photos of her today so please see her gallery to view them! The planned litters page now has a couple of pitures of Rocky.

19 May - Poppy had a successful first mating with a tie with Rocky (Littlethorn Scirocco) today so we are very excited.

8 May - Poppy suprised me today by coming into season nearly 3 months before expected so I have wasted loads of entries and may have nothing to do all summer with no-one to compete at anything! I am planning on mating her when she is ready in the next couple of weeks. There has been a change of plan on stud dog choice as after doing so much more agility this year I have decided to put her to a higher drive dog to hopefully end up with a much faster 2nd agility dog for myself. The kennel is chosen and agreed, just have to confirm which of the stud dogs they have to use. They are all KC registered and fully health tested. Very excited so watch this space and I will reveal the dog when she has been mated!

5 May - Day 2 GT UKA agility, Newbury Showground
A better day today back at GT UKA Agility with a number of clears but sadly not quite fast enough to be in the 4 placings! Unfortunately got an E in our Novice Agility as the whistle was being used in the next ring and Poppy decided it was very scary! I have now ordered a whistle and am going to work on getting her happy with it is now starting to effect more than just our games runs. Please see the Poppy's agility pictures gallery for photos of some of her runs today, Friday and at Wallingford in April by Ian Clark.
Clr Std Senior Steeplechase 1
Clr Std Senior Steeplechase 2
Clr Std Novice Jumping

3 May - Day 1 GT UKA agility, Newbury Showground
We had a real 5 fault day though with a jump refusal in both our steeplechases, totally my fault with some very dodgy handling nearly falling over my poor girl and a missed weave entry in the 2nd of 2 sets of weaves in her jumping run. Still pleased with her as she did her full 12 nicely in her agility run and she was running on ok in most of her classes and enjoying herself. We attempted the circular knock out but unfortunately it was started with a PE whistle which Poppy decided was terrifying and she wouldn't go round the course in the direction of the whistle blower! We went and had a good game of tug and fetch afterwards which cheered her up again before we came home
2nd Std Novice Agility

April 2013
21 April - Camberley and District Open Group Show, Woking Leisure Centre, Surrey
A nice morning at Camberley and District Open Show this morning. I had a lovely catch up with friends.
Reserve (4th) Post Graduate Borer Collie Bitch

20 April - Wallingford KC agility, Newbury Showground
A short day today at Wallingford KC agility. Poppy did a good but not super fast agility run first thing until she got to the weaves at 2nd last then missed the entry! She was clear in her steeplechase but I didn't think she was really running on well and she was not fast enough for a place. I then decided to get her back checked by an osteopath that was doing a clinic at the show as I have been a little worried about her since her stumble at Downlands 2 weeks ago especially after she wasn't herself at training this week. He found that she couldn't stretch her near (left) hind out properly and the muscles that worked it were totally knotted up. Her freed it all and she now has full movement back but it was agreed that it would be better for her if we came home rather than running her again today and she will have the week off training as well. Plenty if walks still needed to keep her moving though!
Clr Large Grades 1-2 Combined Steeplechase

13th April - Broadlands UKA agility, Broadlands, Southampton
A very wet day leaving both Poppy and I soaked but a very good day. Only 5 faults all day which was totally my fault as I made a difficult weave entry in our agility run even harder and left poor Poppy not having a clue what I was asking her to do!
2nd Std Novice Snooker
3rd Std Senior Steeplechase 1
3rd Std Senior Steeplechase 2
4th Std Novice Jumping

7th April - Downlands KC Agility, Golden Cross Equestrian Centre, Hailsham, Sussex
A good day today, our clear in the jumping was not quite fast enough for a place by about 1/2 a second. Unfortunately in her agility Poppy stumbled on landing between 2 jumps that were close together and although she tried to take off again she crashed through the 2nd jump. Bless her heart for trying so hard to jump! Very frustrating as she was otherwise clear and even with the loss of momentum and me not pushing her as fast because of her near fall her time if clear would have put her in 5th. From the times of the 2 dogs faster than that I believe she would probably have been 3rd if she had continued running as she had the rest of the run without the stumble! Definitely looking promising if we can just get it all right on the day!
7th Large Grades 1-2 Combined Steeplechase
Clr Large Grades 1-2 Combined Jumping

March 2013
31st March - Easter Celebration KC Agility, South of England Showground, Ardingly
First day back at KC agility since last September and Poppy and I did not do too badly. A couple of things learnt such as do not leave her too far at the start or she will creep forward under the first jump (E Jumping!) and now that we have sped up her contacts I need the wait command at the end of them (5 faults dog walk Agility!). Our Helter Skelter run however was really good and we were placed in a class with an entry of 181 so I was really pleased with this result! She is showing more speed and confidence than last year so I am very excited about this summers competitions.
8th Large Grades 1-2 Combined Helter Skelter

22nd & 24th March - NADS UKA agility, Newbury Showground
We had a good day on the Friday. Poppy was definitely very pleased to be back competing outside telling me just how exciting and brilliant it was after her first run! All the extra work we have been putting into her weaves really showed in both her jumping and agility runs which is very exciting for the future! Sadly the show was then cancelled for the remaining 2 days due to snow so we did not get to back on the Sunday.
1st Senior Steeplechase 1
1st Senior Steeplechase 3

18th March - Sadly no results from the AJAX UKA show as I had the flu and was confined to bed! However the arrival of our Agilitynet Winning Out Certificate today cheered us up a bit.

3rd March Kelluki UKA Agility, Berkshire College of Agriculture, Maidenhead
Our first official show of the year and neither of us feeling our best. Still it was a great day out and good to get back to full competition and catch up with friends. We didn't do too badly either! Unfortunately she ran a little flat in her agility and although she was clear she had several time faults. Only 5 faults for a missed weave entry in her jumping but we got caught by the major trap in our first steeplechase and took a tunnel the wrong way for an elimination.
2nd Novice Time Fault and Out
4th Senior Steeplechase 2

February 2013
28th February - RIP Shadow
A very sad day at Kirkbridgend as Shadow was given sleep at home with Derek, myself, Poppy and the cats around him by our very good vet who he knew. Shadow was a much loved special, faithful, loyal and totally devoted companion. He touched the hearts of many people he met having fan clubs at various pubs and restaurants he frequented. He was a very happy tough independent little man who took the jobs he took on very seriously and was still very active and keen to be out and about despite the fact that he was almost totally blind (PRA) and had spondylosis. He will be very much missed and leaves a big hole in our hearts and lives.

25th February - We were a little worried about a lump on Shadow's hip so took him to the vets today. The very sad news is that it is a very aggressive tumour and there is nothing they can do for him. He has been given 6-8 weeks to live. We will not put him through the rapid deterioration and suffering that will occur so will be making arrangements to give him sleep at home with us.

10th February Portsmouth and Southsea Kennel Association Open Show, Havant Leisure Centre
On a very wet day Poppy had her first showing win in the big hall of the Leisure Centre!
1st Graduate Border Collie

2nd February Pachesham Agility Winter Series Part 3
Sad to say that I let my amazing dog down today. I had a very long week working double shifts and was very tired. I managed to forget the course on both our agility runs, frustratingly this dropped us out of 2nd in the League table as we would only have needed another clear to maintain our position for the Runners Up! 3 or 4 clears and we may have won.
3rd G1-2 Standard & Large Steeplechase
4th G1-2 Standard and Large Pachesham Winter Series League Table

January 2013
27th January Southern Border Collie Club Open Breed Show, Larkfield, Kent
As usual SBCC was a very enjoyable day out. It was really good to catch up with my showing friends and I was really chuffed that the work I have put into improving my presentation and handling of Poppy is starting to pay off!
2nd Graduate Bitch
3rd Special Working Dog or Bitch

13th January Pachesham Agility G1-7 show on G4-7 courses
A good day with Poppy again showing she was more than up to coping with the tougher twisty turny courses. A couple of higher grade more experienced dogs and handlers being that bit faster than us pushed us off the tops spots this week. Sadly Poppy was running on fast in the agility and then slid off the seesaw which scared her a little and ruined her chances of a good placing. She is already happy on it again after a couple of training sessions giving her extra encouragement thank goodness!
3rd Standard Grades 4-7 Jumping
3rd Standard Grades 4-7 Steeplechase
6th Standard Grades 4-7 Agility 1

6th January Pachesham Agility Winter Series Part 2
A good start to the year!!
1st Standard Grades 1-2 Agility 2
2nd Standard Grades 1-2 Agility 1

December 2012
Shadow and Poppy wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

15th December Pachesham Agility G1-7 show on G4-7 courses
Really good fun day running over G4-7 twisty turny courses today and Poppy showing she was more than up to it! A great end to the year showing future promise!
1st Standard Grades 1-7 Agility 2
2nd Standard Grades 1-7 Steeplechase

9th December Pachesham Agility Winter Series Part 1
A great first competitive day back at agility today and some consolation for Poppy not being pregnant!
1st Standard Grades 1-2 Agility 1
1st Standard Grades 1-2 Steeplechase
6th Standard Grades 1-2 Agility 2

November 2012
28 November - Poppy had her scan by professional scanner Sam Wilkinson today. Sadly it showed that she had reabsorbed so she is definitely not now pregnant. I am hoping to try again when she is next in season in about 8 months time. Back to agility we go!

20 November - Poppy had a scan by our vet today at 28 days post mating. It is currently not looking like she is pregnant. The vet could not feel anything either. He has said to still take her to the professional scanner she is booked in with on 28th November as she will have a bigger scanner and may find something he has missed so we will get the final confirmation either way then. We are all feeling very down!

October 2012
19th October - Poppy has had a successful tie (mating) with Spark and will be attempting a couple more in the next couple of days so hopefully we will here the patter of little paws around 21st December 2012. We will be scanning her in 3 weeks for confirmation of a pregnancy.

13th October - We safely delivered Poppy into Nat's care. Nat has reported that she is happy, relaxed and eating and is loose with her 4 house dogs in her house which is good news. We await news of her upcoming mating and then look forward to having her home for some cuddles!

6th October - Poppy came into season today.
She should be going to stay with Natalie Holtappel on 13th October until after she has been mated with Spark.
Watch this space!!

September 2012
30th September Southdowns KC Agility, Hamble, Southampton
Clear Large Grade 1 Jumping

23rd September WAG at Paws in the Park UKA Agility, Kent Show Ground, Maidstone
1st Senior Steeplechase 2
2nd Beginners Time Fault and Out
4th Beginners Agility
Poppy now has the required points to be UKA Novice Performance Program!!

19th September Annual BVA Eye Exam, Hythe, Southampton
Poppy passed!!

15th September AJAXS UKA Agility, Mapledurham, Reading
Clear (6th) Beginners Jumping
Clear (9th) Beginners Agility
Clear (7th) Senior Steeplechase

8th September Richmond Championship Breed Show
Reserve (4th) Post Graduate Bitch

August 2012
27th August Headley Ringcraft Association Companion Dog Show, Headley
1st Best Crossbreed - Shadow
3rd AV Working and Pastoral - Poppy
4th Best Condition - Poppy
5th Veteran - Shadow
5th Best Companion Dog Club Member Dog - Shadow

26th August Surrey DTS KC Agility, Horsham
8th Large Grade 1 Jumping Watch on Youtube
9th Large Grade 1 Agility Watch on Youtube
10th Large Combined 1-2 Helter Skelter

25th August Bridge House Agility Club KC Agility, Horsham
8th Large Grade 1 Jumping
11th Large Combined 1-2 Jumping Watch on Youtube

12th August Haslmere and District Dog Training Club Dog Show, Bordon
Best In Show (Judged on Best Condition) - Poppy
1st Prettiest Bitch - Poppy
1st Veteran - Shadow
2nd Best Crossbreed - Shadow
3rd Fastest Recall - Poppy

5th August Tenterden and Magic KC Agility Show, Kent
6th Large Combined 1-2 Jumping

July 2012
29th July Agility Club KC Champ Show, Ardingly
Clr C1-2 Large Jumping

21st and 22nd July Newlands KC Agility, Cranleigh Showground Cancelled due to weather
8th July Billingshurst KC Agility, Cranleigh Showground Cancelled due to weather

8th July Doggielympics Companion Show, Brighton
1st Novelty Brace - Poppy and Shadow
1st Best Condition - Poppy
2nd Novelty Veteran - Shadow
2nd Disabled Dog - Shadow
3rd Pedigree Bitch - Poppy

6th July Great Exciting News - Poppys new registration certificate arrived from the Kennel Club today after successfully applying to add my Kennel Name to her registered name!! Very excited as she is the first dog to be registered to Kirkbridgend and is now Kirkwind Poppet At Kirkbridgend (previously Kirkwind Poppet).

June 2012
30th June Shield Show Companion Dog Show, Shepperton
4th Best Paw Giver - Shadow
5th Veteran - Shadow
Special Best Crossbreed - Shadow
Special Dog Judge Most Wants to take Home - Shadow
VHC Best Condition Long Coat - Poppy
Special Best Border Collie - Poppy

24th June Homestead Super Dog Companion Dog Show and fun agility, QE Country Park, Horndean
2nd Veteran Over 10 - Shadow
6th Best Crossbreed - Shadow
5th AV Non Sporting Pedigree - Poppy
5th Prettiest Bitch - Poppy
Clear round starters agility - Poppy
Completion Super Dogs Challenge - Poppy

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