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Available At Stud

(Kirbridgend Kairos)

DOB 10/06/2017
Sh Ch Littlethorn Triton x Kirkbridgend Rock Star AW(G)

Cole (Kirkbridgend Kairos) is available at stud to approved, health tested, KC/ ISDS registered border collie bitches with terms and through me. Please contact me with stud enquiries via email or via our Facebook Group. You are welcome to meet him (and the rest of their family at Kirkbridgend) and talk to me about Cole before choosing whether to use him.

Cole has an excellent temperament, drive and workability as well as making an excellent family companion. Cole to measures 515mm at UK Agility and Large at KC Agility. Cole is fully health tested, having a hip score of 4/6, elbows 0/0, Gonioscopy normal, BVA eye tested clear/ normal, BAER hearing tested normal and DNA tested clear for CEA, TNS, CL/ NCL, IGS/ B12, MDR1, PLL and DM and Pre-Disposition to Glaucoma (Gonioscopy). All the paperwork is available and copies will be given on receipt of stud fee. Cole is already on the KC health database as hereditary clear for CEA, TNS, CL/NCL, IGS/ B12 and MDR1, DNA tested clear for Pre Disposition to Glaucoma (Gonioscopy) as well as his BVA results.

Cole is DNA coat colour tested, he carries dilute so can produce blue's to a bitch that carries or is blue. He also carries tri/ tanpoint and can produce tri's/ tanpoints with a bitch that is or carries tri/ tanpoint. Cole does not carry Chocolate Red (BB) or Australian Red (Gold) (EE) so he cannot produce them. He will not produce merles unless mated to a merle bitch.

Cole is from from Elektra and Jojo's litter in 2016 and lives here with us. All the litter were named after Greek Gods as their sire was Triton. Kairos is the Greek God/ personification of opportunity and luck.

You can read all about Cole on his page here he also appears regularly on our Facebook Group both at work and at play/ rest.

Cole's pedigree:
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